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Private Treaty Sales List

Jan 16, 2016

As previously announced to our TrainResource eList subscribers, Buffalo Creek Graphics will be offering a unique opportunity to purchase sold-out, one-of custom run releases beginning in mid-January. The first "Private Treaty Sales List" is now available and features an array of sold out items, most of which are almost impossible to find on the secondary market. If you would like a copy of the list, simply email John Slater at and request List 16-01.

John will personally handle every inquiry and assist each potential buyer with pricing and reservations designed to meet individual needs.

The custom decorated products on this list were designed by Crown Model Decorators and distributed by Buffalo Creek Graphics. The are part of a private collection. Each is mint in its original box and none of the cars have never been run.

Of special note is the availability of an OH-1 Delaware & Hudson 170th Anniversary PS-1 boxcar. Created as a D&H promotional item, it was the first custom decorated project ever created by Buffalo Creek Graphics back in 1993. Because it pre-dates the establishment of Crown Model Decorators as a unit of BCK Graphics Group, this car is packaged in its original Weaver box. All other items on this list are packaged in their original white CMD boxes with all appropriate labeling. Cars are equipped with 3-rail trucks and couplers of the type standard at the time of release.

The cars on List 16-01 are available on a first-come, first-served basis and pricing will be determined by issue price and market value on a case by case basis. Quantity discounts will be available and dealer inquiries are encouraged. Our standard reservation policy will be in effect, so if you have a "wish list" or are simply interested in acquiring a particular sold out item, check out this first in a series of sales lists that will be available during 2016.

Please do not respond to this email. List requests and questions should be directed to our email address at:

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