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Buffalo Creek Graphics Pre-2012 O-Scale Catalog > #OH64 D&TS 50’ Automobile Boxcars
#OH64 D&TS 50’ Automobile Boxcars

Price: $89.00
Availability: Also, Set of 2, #OH64S, $175.00
Prod. Code: #OH64

Detroit & Toledo Shore Line

#64 in a Series

Detroit & Toledo Shore Line

O Scale 50' Automobile Boxcars

These models are identical to the Detroit & Toledo Shore Line's 5300 series cars.


This model features

  • Only 33 sets = 66 cars produced, for a TRUE Limited Edition. Box has certification of edition size.

  • Part of a 2-car collectible set. Road numbers 5300, 5319. Road number is our choice for single car orders.

  • Authentic, period lettering and graphics.
    • Mineral brown body, white lettering.
    • Legible lettering, including small RETURN TO GTW FLINT.
    • Artwork by Buffalo Creek Graphics.
    • Decorating by Weaver Models.

  • Highly detailed, scale carbody. O Scale 1:48, or 1/4"=1'.
    • Accurately modeled in extruded plastic kits by Pecos River Brass.
    • Automatic couplers.
    • Comes with diecast metal sprung trucks, installed. (This is an exception to the pre-2012 Stock Catalog guideline in that diecast trucks are Included in the price.)
      • Casting detail lettering on truck sideframe!
      • Metal wheels.
      • Your choice: 2-Rail or 3-Rail.

More info

This is the first-and-only Buffalo Creek Graphics custom project done using Pecos River kits. Plastic freight cars cars have been discontinued by Pecos River Brass.

The models, including numerous scale detail parts, were hand-assembled by Crown Model Decorators, in the USA.

The Detroit & Toledo Shore Line was owned 50-50 by the Nickel Plate Road (NKP) and the Grand Trunk Western (GT, GTW) for most of its life. The D&TS gave both roads rapid access between the automobile assembly plants of Detroit area and the Midwest, through Lang Yard in Toledo, Ohio.

There are still about 14,000 auto parts boxcars in service in the U.S., ranging in size from 50-foot to 86-foot hi-cube cars. The prototype for these cars, which you can operate on your O scale railroad, were former NKP 87100-series cars. They were rebuilt by the Nickel Plate Road, in their Conneaut, Ohio, shops, in 1963. The Buffalo Creek Graphics models are identical to the Detroit & Toledo Shore Line's 5300 series cars. Note that the correct reporting mark is D&TS, not D&TSL. In modern times, the '&' has been dropped.

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