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#OH81 CP Rail 40' Insulated XL(IH) Plug Door Boxcar.


Built by DOSCO...

...(Dominion Steel & Coal Corporation), these cars were part of a group of 277, numbered between 165000 and 165299. Carrying an XL(IH) classification, these general service, insulated and heated cars were equipped with rolling plug doors and kerosene heaters. Many were also equipped with moveable bulkheads. The color varies because of weathering, rust, and lighting conditions when photographed. New, the color is called CP Action Yellow.

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The "PacMan" herald?!

These cars also featured the black and white CP MultiMark. Commonly referred to as the "PacMan herald", this identification was adopted in 1968 when Canadian Pacific Railway became CP Rail.


Through research...

...we have verified that the correct MultiMark placement on CP freight cars, per corporate specifications, was on the 'B', or brake wheel, end on BOTH sides of the car. Thus, looking down on the car from the top (yeah, who does that?!) the mark would appear at the same end, regardless.

In real life,

...shop foremen at CP Rail's Montreal "Angus" Shops, as well as the Weston Shops in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Ogden Shops, Calgary, Alberta, would sometimes "expedite" cars back into revenue service so quickly that the MultiMark would end up on the wrong end. (Car 165017 is such an example.)

All that technically had to be correct for interchange service was the reporting marks (CP) and car number! (But, they heard about it from "The Super" on Monday morning!)


The model cars (top)...

...in this exclusive custom run will be decorated in the correct scheme representative of those newly shopped and painted at CP's "Angus" shops in Montreal in 1967.

Why this shape for a logo?

"The Multimark was introduced in 1968. It was made up of a triangle to suggest motion or direction; a circle to suggest global activities (the CPR also owned an airline and ships); and a square to suggest stability...


More info and models...


O Scale Cars still available as of this writing!

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