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Wellsville & Buffalo Railroad
40' Single Sheathed Wood Boxcars: singles, holiday, and set


Production model of car 5025 with optional two-rail trucks and "scale" couplers.Wellsville & Buffalo - Genesee Valley Route - Christmas 2009


All cars have “Genesee Valley Route” on one side, and “Rushford Lake Route” on the other.


Rushford Lake in New York State


Subsequent to the receivership of the Buffalo & Susquehanna Railway, which had been incorporated by the Goodyear brothers to operate in New York State, the receiver sold the railway to its bondholders on September 13, 1915.

The bondholders, in an attempt to recover their investment, sold the assets of the railway to the Susquehanna Finance Corporation. The Wellsville & Buffalo Railroad was incorporated on December 10, 1915 and leased all property used for railroad purposes that the Susquehanna Finance Corp. had received from bondholders of the Buffalo & Susquehanna Railway. They, in turn, leased themselves to the Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad, which was still operating in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The same personnel as used by the B&S Railroad Corporation were used by the Wellsville & Buffalo.

Operating at a loss, the management closed the Wellsville & Buffalo on November 17, 1916 and it was ultimately dismantled. Although bridges were still standing as late as the early 1940’s and there were numerous rumors about potential use of the line by the New York Central and South Buffalo Railroad, nothing ever materialized.


Wellsville & Buffalo Railroad 40’ Single-sheathed Boxcars - 1:48 O Scale


Product #



Single cars - “Holiday” Variation w/Road Number 5025

Boxcar red w/black ends, white lettering, black & white herald.


Do Not Open Until Christmas “chalk” marks on doors.

Available through
Buffalo Creek Graphics.
Email us.

$65.00 each + Shipping & Handling

Single cars - "Prototypical" variation, road numbers 5002 or 5009.Boxcar red, white lettering, black & white herald.


Road number is our choice for single car orders.

$63.00 each + Shipping & Handling

Set of all 3, one of each road number.


$185.00 per set + Shipping & Handling

Shipping & Handling is extra: Add 10.00 for 1 car; add $13.00 for 2-3 cars.

Price includes Diecast sprung Bettendorf trucks. Your choice: Indicate in your Email whether you want 2-rail or 3-rail trucks and couplers.

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