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Sydney & Louisburg Railway
O Scale 2-Bay, Offset-side, Coal Hopper Cars by Buffalo Creek Graphics for LCAC ComCar ®

Sydney & Louisburg Railway coal hopper.

Production Models, 1998: Sydney & Louisburg Railway coal hopper set. Shows 2 lettering styles. One car with coal load (not included), one empty.

Sydney & Louisburg Railway coal hopper set. Shows 2 lettering styles. One car with load, one empty.

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Sydney & Louisburg Railway

Custom Decorated O Scale

2-Bay, Steel, Offset-side,

50-Ton Coal Hopper Cars

Item No. Description Price
9822-4044 Single Coal Hopper Car with S&L $55.00 each
9822-4763 Single Coal Hopper Car with Name $55.00 each
9822S Set of 2 Hoppers, one of each $105.00/set
DCS2R Optional 2-Rail Scale Trucks $5.00/car

Road number is our choice on single car orders.

This model features

  • Produced for LCAC Canada's Train Collectors by Buffalo Creek Graphics.

  • TRUE Limited Edition.

  • Only 200 sets = 400 cars produced

  • Catalogue No. 9822

  • Road numbers 4044 and 4763.

  • Weaver Models carbody

  • Diecast, sprung 3-rail trucks, installed, with Weaver plastic automatic couplers.

  • White graphics on black cars.

  • Set has one car of each different lettering scheme.

  • Both schemes and numbers match prototype photos.

  • Displays original LCAC logo on lower right.

  • Models issued 1998.

  • NOT a reproduction.

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The Sydney and Louisburg Railway was a 39-mile common carrier linking the steel-making centre of Sydney with the port of Louisbourg on Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island by way of Glace Bay and Mira Bay, with branches to various coal mines. The S&L was completed in 1895 by the Dominion Coal company, which after 1928 was known as the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation (DOSCO). On July 7, 1967, DOSCO was replaced by a new crown corporation called the Cape Breton Development Corporation (DEVCO), and the remnants of the S&L became known as the Devco Railway. By late 2000, coal hauling by rail on Cape Breton Island was little more than a memory, with only a single mine still operating and the Devco Railway hauling its output to a nearby power generation plant. All told, the S&L owned a total of 1,525 steel, 50-ton and 60-ton hopper cars, all of which were built in Trenton, Nova Scotia, by the Eastern Car Company, Limited, between 1935 and 1951.

Researched & Edited by Thos. Gascoigne

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