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Pacific Great Eastern Railway
O Scale 40' ARA Steel Boxcars by Buffalo Creek Graphics for LCAC ComCar ®

Pacific Great Eastern Railway 40' ARA steel boxcar

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Pacific Great Eastern Railway

(British Columbia, Canada)

Custom Decorated O Scale

40' ARA Steel Boxcars

With Caribou logo.

Item No. Description Price
Single PGE Caribou Route Boxcar $58.00 each
9418S Set of 2 40' Boxcars $110.00/set
DCS2R Optional 2-Rail Scale Trucks $5.00/car

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This model features

  • Produced for LCAC Canada's Train Collectors by Buffalo Creek Graphics.

  • TRUE Limited Edition.

  • Only 100 sets = 200 cars produced.

  • Catalogue No. 9418

  • Crown Models carbody.

  • Diecast, sprung 3-rail trucks, installed, with Weaver plastic automatic couplers. 2-rail available as option.

  • Road numbers 4012 and 4020.

  • "Caribou" Herald.

  • Model issued 1994.

  • NOT a reproduction.


Pacific Great Eastern Railway history

Pacific Great Eastern Rly.




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