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Ontario Northland Transportation Commission
O Scale 40' ARA Steel Boxcars by Buffalo Creek Graphics for LCAC ComCar ®

Ontario Northland Transportation Commission 40' ARA steel boxcar in boxcar red.

Boxcar-red and jade green, as per prototype.

Ontario Northland Transportation Commission 40' ARA steel boxcar in jade green.

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Ontario Northland - ONT.

Custom Decorated O Scale

40' ARA Steel Boxcars

With Ontario's Development Road slogan.

Item No. Description Price
Single car,
red OR green
$55.00 each
0024S Set of 2,
one red, one green
DCS2R Optional 2-Rail Scale Trucks $5.00/car

This model features

  • Produced for LCAC by Buffalo Creek Graphics.

  • TRUE Limited Edition.

  • Only 100 sets = 200 cars produced.

  • Catalogue No. 0024

  • Road numbers 90024 and 90280.

  • Crown Models carbody

  • Diecast, sprung 3-rail trucks, installed, with Weaver plastic automatic couplers.

  • Set has one jade green car, one boxcar red car. Both have white graphics.

  • Both colors and numbers match prototype photos.

  • Model issued Year 2000.

  • NOT a reproduction.

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There were only two companies in Canada that used railway in the plural. One was the Canadian National Railways and the other was Northern Alberta Railways. In the case of the ONT, the word is singular as in "railway". ONT stands for Ontario Northland Transportation Commission, which owns the railway. In reality, the railway does not officially exist!

About the current Ontario Northland Railway

Formerly Temiscaming and Northern Ontario Railway




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