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Hornell Brewing Company
40’ Composite Refrigerator Car


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Hornell Brewing Company, HBCX cream color sides.

"Original" HBCX 100. Off-white carbody. Black ends. Red, black, and white graphics. Erie ball and diamond herald. Shown with 3-Rail, diecast metal trucks and couplers.

Hornell Brewing Company, Erie yellow car.

Erie 60101. Reefer yellow carbody. Black ends. Red, black, and white graphics. Erie ball and diamond herald. Shown with 2-Rail, diecast metal trucks, and scale couplers.

Hornell Brewing Company, Evening Tribune photo.

#OH101A, B, and set

Hornell Brewing Company

Old Ranger Beer, Brewed in Pure Soft Spring Water / Erie Railroad

Composite steel-with-wood-side reefer, Mid-1930’s era

TRUE Limited Edition. Appoximately 100 cars = 50 sets. Sold out. A Buffalo Creek Graphics Heritage Car. Western New York Brewery Refrigerator Cars - Third in a Series. Graphic designs and layout  © 2010 Buffalo Creek Graphics. All rights reserved. This page is current as of 01.06.2011.

 TRUE Limited Editions for the Serious Collector - SM 

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