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O-scale Model Railroad Train Layouts
Courtesy of TrainResource.com

O-Scale, 1:48, 1/4" Scale
O-Gauge, 2-Rail
Proto 48, P48
HiRail, 3-Rail

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 If a model railroader listed here posts a phone number or Email address on their web site, do not assume that you, children, or groups, will be welcome, just because you like trains. Use common courtesy. Contact them at least 24-48 hours ahead to ask whether or not you may visit. 

Appalachian & Ohio Railroad - David Stewart
Appalachian & Western Railroad - Eric Siegel
Black Diamond Railway
Cherel Valley Railroad
Great Northern Pacific Railroad - Michael Luczak
Pennsylvania & Western Railroad
Bob and Elizabeth Jakl
Drew Madere
Norm's Trains
Joe Sherlock
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