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Genesee Brewing Co. - two editions
40' Composite steel-with-wood-side refrigerator cars


TRUE Limited Editions for the Serious Collector - SM

Genesee Brewing O Scale refrigerator car with the slogan, AGAIN THE LEADER.

G.B.C.X. 101,  marked Return to BR&PRy (Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh -- later part of B&O). The side shown above has the slogan, AGAIN THE LEADER. The other side has the slogan, ENJOY THE GENESEECRET.


Genesee Brewing O Scale refrigerator car with the slogan, 'TIS THE SEASON.

Single car, road number 128, with ‘Tis the Season slogan, and pre-war logo. This was our 11th in the series of Season's Greetings cars.

#OH92, OH93-9030, Set, and #OHP11

Genesee Brewing Company (G.B.C.X.)

40' Composite steel-with-wood-side refrigerator cars

  • TRUE Limited Edition / Heritage Series.
    • Initial project date: 12-2008.
    • Sold out 1-26-2009.
    • Road numbers 101,107, 128. (See photo captions.)
      • 2nd Edition
      • 1933 version (Road numbers 100 and 112)
      • 1939 variation (Road number 118)
  • Accurately modeled in 1:48 O Scale.
    • Created exclusively for Buffalo Creek Graphics by Crown Model Decorators.
    • Custom decorated on Crown / Weaver carbodies.
    • Made from original Crown molds.
    • Decorator: Hayter-Weaver Inc.
    • Art Director: Thomas G. J. Gascoigne.
    • Graphic Designer: John Thomas Slater.
  • White car sides.
    • "Prototype" circa 1936 and Pre-World War II.
    • Black, white, and red lettering and graphics.
    • Oxide red ends and roof.
    • Below is enlargement of reverse routing lettering to left of doors. Cars 101 and 107 have this. Car 128 will have similar lettering, but for Buffalo Creek Railroad, Buffalo, NY.

   Return when empty to BR&P Railway, Rochester, NY. 





The history of brewing in Rochester, New York is a direct reflection of the city’s German heritage.

The city’s first brewing company, the Aqueduct Spring Brewery, opened on South Water Street near the east bank of the Genesee River in 1819. By the turn of the 20th century, fifty breweries were open in Rochester.

In 1857, a young man by the name of Charles Rau opened a small brewery in Rochester. Recently married to Elizabeth Marburger, whose late husband had established the Marburger Brewery in 1841, Charles Rau’s business quickly became a success. He soon partnered with a young friend and saloon worker, Emil Reisky, and established the Rau & Reisky Brewery. Charles remained the president of the Rau & Reisky Brewery until 1874, when the name was changed to Reisky & Spies. Soon afterwards, in 1878, the company was sold to Mathias Kondolfs, one of Rochester’s early entrepreneurs, who changed the name to the Genesee Brewery.

Charles Rau remained active in the brewery and was listed as being its treasurer in 1907. In 1889 a group of English investors purchased the stock of three Rochester breweries: the Genesee Brewery, the Rochester Brewing Company, and the city’s largest, Bartholomay Brewery Company. Louis A. Wehle, whose grandfather, Casper, and father, John, both worked at Bartholomay, began assisting his father at the brewery while still in high school. By 1909, Louis Wehle’s skills had become evident and Barholomay management sent him to brewmaster’s school in New York City. Upon graduation and his return to Rochester in 1911, Louis was promoted to assistant brewmaster. By 1916, Louis Wehle was again promoted, this time to brewmaster at the Genesee Brewery; the youngest brewmaster in New York State.

The next year, Louis moved to Buffalo to become head brewmaster at the Lang Brewing Company. The ratification of the 18th Amendment and the advent of Prohibition had a profound impact on America’s brewing industry. Rochester’s breweries, including the Genesee Brewery closed, as did Buffalo’s Lang Brewing Company.

While Gerhardt Lang moved into the production of soda, carbonated water and other products, Louis Wehle turned his talents to the baking business. His Wehle Baking Company pioneered home delivery of fresh baked goods. This successful and profitable enterprise netted Louis $1.3 million when he sold the baking business to Boston’s Hathaway Bakery in 1929.

Excited by Congressional passage of the resolution to repeal prohibition in February 1932, and financially well-positioned from the sale of his bakery company, Louis A. Wehle eagerly anticipated a return to the brewing business. He purchased the former Genesee brewery and a portion of the Bartholomay brewery, incorporated the new Genesee Brewing Company in July 1932, and began shipping beer on April 27, 1933; becoming one of only five brewers in Rochester to reopen after prohibition.

Wehle’s first year production exceeded 150,000 barrels. By 1934 the Genesee Brewing Company had expanded its distribution across New York State and into parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

By World War II, Genesee’s trademark brew was its 12 Horse Ale, with a team of 12 horses pulling a beer wagon as its logo. Since the Genesee Brewing Company operated only one brewery, it eventually coined the slogan -- One Brewery, One Great Taste. However, that single brewery would eventually produce and distribute eight beers under the Genesee name.

After its opening in 1933, the Wehle family would own and operate the Genesee Brewing Company for the next 67 years. The Genesee Brewing Company, as an independent family-run concern, was sold in the year 2000, thus bringing to a close more than a century of Rochester brewing history.

We are pleased to be able to offer these commemorative cars as a tribute to the history of this Western New York enterprise.

Genesee Beer logo circa 1936     Pre-WWII logo for Genesee Ale and Beer, The better the malt, the better the brew


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