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FAQ: Service & Shipping Policies

Train Resource - limited edition, custom run O Scale freight cars by Buffalo Creek Graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

Even though we produce custom run cars, we don't list them as being "ready for sale" until we actually have them "in stock."

Orders purchased using a money order will usually ship within five working days after receipt of your order at our warehouse.

Orders purchased using a personal check will be held until your check clears our bank.


How come my check got returned?

All orders are subject to acceptance based on availability of the trains in stock in our warehouse. It is possible that, even though an item shows as being "in stock" on this Web site, by the time your order and check are received, that item may have become "sold out".

An incomplete and / or incorrectly completed Order Form, or check, will be returned to the sender.

BUFFALO CREEK GRAPHICS reserves the right to reject any or all orders.


How many cars are in your Limited Editions?

Unless specifically stated to the contrary, all O Scale custom run models decorated by CROWN MODEL DECORATORS,  and marketed by BUFFALO CREEK GRAPHICS, are limited editions of no more than 100 cars.


Are all cars in mint condition?

Yes. All O Scale custom run models decorated by CROWN MODEL DECORATORS,  and marketed by BUFFALO CREEK GRAPHICS, are represented as being in mint condition in their original boxes.


Do you have a Warranty?

CROWN MODEL DECORATORS  and BUFFALO CREEK GRAPHICS offer no further warranty or guarantee, either specific or implied, that relates directly or indirectly to their custom run products sold by them on TrainResource.com.

Parties other than CROWN MODEL DECORATORS and BUFFALO CREEK GRAPHICS selling products on a Web page or site linked to TrainResource.com are solely responsible for their own policies, procedures, and warranties, if any.


My order arrived damaged. What should I do?

We ship exclusively UPS.

1. If you are present at time of delivery, and your shipment was damaged in transit, the delivering driver is required by law to make a notation describing those damages on the delivery bill or clipboard, in your presence. If there is an electronic clipboard, you can write "damaged" and then sign your name.

2. Call UPS immediately.

CROWN MODEL DECORATORS and BUFFALO CREEK GRAPHICS accepts no responsibility, implied or otherwise, for safe delivery and / or loss of shipments to third parties ("ship to:").

3.  If you are not present at time of delivery and if, in your opinion, the container appears to have been opened or there may be concealed damage, you still must call UPS. They are obligated to make an inspection, as soon as possible, when the goods are unpacked. Save all packaging.

4.  NOTE: Shipping rates are made in proportion to potential damage liability in handling different kinds of freight. It is the carrier / trucking company (UPS) who should be charged with any loss or damage ---- NOT  the shipper, Buffalo Creek Graphics.

5.  File a proper claim with the delivering carrier / trucking company (UPS) on the appropriate form, within the time limits specified by law. They must reply to you and either accept (pay) or reject (decline with stated reasons) your claim in the time limit specified for them, by law.


How do I return a train?

NO GOODS MAY BE RETURNED without written authorization and specific instructions from BUFFALO CREEK GRAPHICS.


Do you guarantee the lowest published price?


The current applicable price for the custom run products sold through TrainResource.com are those displayed in the Full Catalog, both thumbnail and enlarged displays.

The on-line Train Resource Catalog should match the MOST RECENT SET of sheets you have received in the mail, if any. All previous sheets mailed are invalid and should be discarded.

"No Price" or $.00 means an item is not available for mail order through TrainResource.com, at this time.

All prices subject to change without prior notice.



Unless otherwise specifically stated, offers made on this Web site are for mail order only.

Not applicable to phone purchases.

Prior sales are excluded. That means you can't submit your receipt for something you already purchased and expect to get money back, even if the price is lowered at a later date.

Offers, coupons, sales, discounts, specials, or deals -- if any -- may not be combined. If more than one discount is available, the one with the greatest benefit to the customer will be used, provided all other requirements are met to qualify.

Items sold, but not yet delivered, cannot have their price changed on any date after the original purchase.

Actual colors and quality of imprinting may differ on actual products compared to what you see on your Web browser.

The Webmaster is not responsible for typographical errors which effect pricing.

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