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Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway
40' Double Door Lumber Boxcars


TRUE Limited Editions for the Serious Collector - SM

Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway 40' Double Door Lumber Boxcar, 1949 paint scheme.


Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway 40' double-door lumber boxcars in two different paint schemes both per prototype photos and data. Top photo is 1949 scheme; bottom is 1960.

The three models produced were from the 444000 series with DWP reporting marks. Two road numbers have the 1949 paint scheme. The third road number has the 1960 "transitional" paint scheme. This was the first scheme to feature Canadian National Railways' consolidated data box format on the left side of the car.

Both O Gauge models shown with optional, diecast 3-rail trucks.


Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway 40' Double Door Lumber Boxcar, 1960 paint scheme.

Another Exclusive from Buffalo Creek Graphics . . .

Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway (DWP)

40' Double Door Lumber Boxcars

  • TRUE Limited Edition: Only 115 cars produced.
  • Project date: 06-2007.
  • Sold out: 05-09-2008.
  • Newly-tooled carbodies.
  • Never before offered in O-Gauge.
  • 40’ XM double door boxcar.
  • Extra wide, 12'-1" opening for loading lumber.
  • Accurately modeled in 1:48 O Scale.
  • Historically accurate, prototype lettering and graphics on both paint schemes. Oxide red carbody, white lettering.
  • Custom decorated on Weaver / Crown car bodies for Buffalo Creek Graphics.
  • Green doors marked FOR LUMBER LOADING ONLY.
  • TrainResource.com Historical Notes.
  • Also, see below.



"The railroad owned a number of wood boxcars primarily in finished lumber service. (There were 2250 of these boxcars built in 1914 and 1917. Ed.) Most of the wood boxcars only lasted into the 1930's as the lumber trade in northeastern Minnesota diminished and the cars were retired or reassigned. As lumber began to flow south from Canada, the DW&P was assigned a number of steel boxcars" (p.117).

The Buffalo Creek Graphics models represent the steel cars. The green doors denote finished lumber service. They will have the prototype marking, "When empty return to C.N.R. Edmonton, Canada".

Source: Schauer, D.C. (2006). Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific: in color. Scotch Plains, NJ: Morning Sun Books, Inc.


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