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 Copper Range Railroad logo - The Copper Country Route

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Production model, Copper Range XM Boxcar 4018

Production model, Copper Range XM Boxcar 4018 with die-cast trucks.

Production model, Copper Range XM Boxcar 4026

Production model, Copper Range XM Boxcar 4026 with die-cast trucks.

copper ore  silver on copper from Michigan Upper Peninsula  Michigan native copper

copper ore ~ silver on copper ~ native copper

The Northern Michigan RailRoad Club's (NMRRC) 2010 Cub Cars are O scale, Copper Range boxcars.

Michigan is the only state to consist entirely of two peninsulas. While some people may think the only thing in the upper peninsula are iron ore and woods, they actually provide a rich source of lumber, iron, and copper. The minerals lay underground for millions of years, since the Earth was formed, until geologists and surveyors documented them. Developers then rushed to the area. The Keweenaw  is a smaller peninsula off the so-called Upper Peninsula, or U.P.

The Copper Range Railroad is a regional railroad, based in Houghton, that was built specifically to service Michigan’s copper country. It operated from 1899 to 1972. Mining actually continued beyond that date. The White Pine mine, the last major copper mine in Michigan, shut down in 1995.

In 1948, the Copper Range Railroad purchased twenty-two 40’ Pullman-Standard PS-1 boxcars. The cars were initially painted mineral brown with white markings. Starting in the 1960s, the railroad repainted the majority of the boxcars (copper) orange with black markings. The reporting marks were COPR, although some rail fans abbreviate the road as "CR". The logo has been added to the paint scheme.

Another Exclusive formerly available from   Buffalo Creek Graphics   Buffalo Creek Graphics 
  • TRUE Limited Edition
  • Created exclusively for Buffalo Creek Graphics by Crown Model Decorators.
    • Decorator: Hayter-Weaver Inc.
    • Graphic Designer: John T. Slater.
    • Painted with durable Scalecoat paint.
    • One car is mineral brown with white markings. The other is orange with black markings.
    • Copper Range herald with copper ingot added to paint scheme.
    • Two road numbers.
  • Custom decorated on Weaver carbodies.
    • High-impact styrene body.
    • Accurately modeled in 1:48 O Scale.
    • Built from prototype blue prints, 1/4" scale dimensions.
    • Individually mounted ladders, roof walk with simulated individual boards, and brake wheel.
    • Weighted car.
    • Operational on "0-31" (62" radius) curves.
  • This is a Northern Michigan RailRoad Club Car - Fourth in a Series.

 Sold Out 

Other Michigan cars at: http://www.nmrrc.org/

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