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Buffalo Creek XFG Boxcar
40' ARA Steel Boxcar


TRUE Limited Editions for the Serious Collector - SM

Buffalo Creek XF Food Loading Only Boxcar

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Actual production model.

A Buffalo Creek Graphics Heritage Car
Buffalo Creek Railway Flour Bag Herald Boxcars
Third in a Series
(see note)

Buffalo Creek Graphics

Buffalo Creek Railway
40' ARA Steel Boxcar
4000 Series

  • TRUE Limited Edition. Appoximately 100 cars = 33 sets.
  • Sold out 05-09-2010. 
  • Custom decorated on Crown / Weaver carbodies.
    • Made from original Crown molds.
    • High-impact styrene body.
    • Accurately modeled in 1:48 O Scale, 1/4" scale dimensions.
    • Built from prototype blue prints.
    • Individually mounted sliding doors, ladders, roof walk with simulated individual roof walk boards and brake wheel.
    • Weighted car.
    • Operational on 0-31 Curves.
  • Self-equalizing, free-rolling trucks.
    • Your choice: 3-rail or 2-rail trucks / couplers.
    • Optional diecast, sprung trucks available for additional charge.
  • Created exclusively for Buffalo Creek Graphics by Crown Model Decorators.
    • Decorator: Hayter-Weaver Inc.
    • Graphic Designer: John T. Slater.
    • Painted with durable Scalecoat paint.
    • Boxcar red sides and roof with black ends.
    • White lettering.
    • Includes authentic Buffalo Creek Railway flour bag logo.
    • Distinctive XFG FOOD LOADING ONLY stencil. (X= box car, FG = Food Grade)
    • Three road numbers.

Note: Previous issues included PS-1 boxcars in the 2000 series with 7' Superior doors (3 road numbers) and the 1000 series with panel doors (6 road numbers). All are sold out.

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