Beck's Beer Sign by Flexlume
Reefer Car by Buffalo Creek Graphics



Paddy Rowell, Jr., of the Flexlume Sign Co., was honored recently at the TTOS Christmas Banquet. Flexlume is over 100 years old and has been a major provider of signs of all types, including metal, plastic, neon, and their namesake, flexible illumination.

Paddy, and his father, brought a couple of examples of their work for display, one of which was an original Beck's Beer sign. It is a window sign used in bars and taverns, manufactured by Flexlume between 1935 and 1940.

The Buffalo Creek Graphics' New York Central - Beck's Beer is pictured here with the lighted Flexlume sign.

Talk about authentic and collectible! ...another piece of Buffalo's history, brought to you by

At last check, these refrigerator cars were still available, lettered for Erie, NYC, or set.