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Arcade Attica Baby Blues
#OH121 Arcade & Attica 40’ ARA Steel XM Boxcars


Yes, you CAN read the smallest graphics on these models!


Available In Two Road Numbers • 517 and 521

Available In One Road Number • 512

Note differences in name, slogan, and asssigned service stencil - precisely like the prototype cars.

Color may vary from actual models due to computer variations.

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Celebrating 50 Years of Arcade & Attica Railroad Service


The Arcade & Attica 40’ ARA Steel XM Boxcars used to ship Borden® Cremora® Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer from the former Borden plant in Arcade, New York to grocery distribution centers all over the United States. The railroad also brought in raw materials and supplies.

Borden Plant, Arcade, NY

Yes, this group of cars were really painted "baby blue". Purchased from Morrison Railway Supply Corp. in 1970, all of the 14 cars in the series numbered 510-523 were painted light blue. However, three cars, numbered 511, 512, and 514, were unique in what was missing. Each was lettered without the ampersand in Attica & Arcade Railroad, the “Serving Arcade Industry” slogan that appeared on the remainder of the cars in the series, and no XM designation appeared on any of these three cars. However, they did carry an “Assigned Service” designation in the yellow stencil to the left of the door, a detail not found on other cars in this series.

  • 100-car Limited Edition

  • In 1:48 O Scale by Buffalo Creek Graphics

  • Sold out 5.30.2013.

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