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2006 Season's Greetings and Set
Hecker H-O Oats Milling Company 40' ARA steel boxcar


TRUE Limited Editions for the Serious Collector - SM

2006 Season's Greetings Car: Hecker H-O Oats Milling Company, 40' ARA steel boxcar.

Production Models: Above is #OHP9 2006 Season's Greetings car with slogan changed to 'Tis the Season. Below is one of two other commemorative cars in the set of 3 under product code #OH70: Hecker H-O Oats Milling Company 40' ARA steel boxcar, both shown with optional diecast 3-rail trucks. The set included the 'Tis the Season car plus two cars with H-O OATS lettering in black and the company's advertising slogans, Always in Season on one side, and Always Just Right on the other. Arranged properly, a train could display all three slogans.

Commemorative Car: Hecker H-O Oats Milling Company, 40' ARA steel boxcar.

Another Collectible formerly available from

Buffalo Creek Graphics

#OHP9 and #OH70

Hecker H-O Oats Milling Company

40' ARA steel boxcar

Never before offered in ANY scale:

These are "what if" cars issued to commemorate the once-great H-O Oats facility and paying tribute to Buffalo's grain handling and milling heritage. Bulk grain came to Buffalo by lake boat or railcar and packaged cereal shipped out in boxcars. Cars feature H-O OATS block lettering as it appeared on the elevator silos, a Buffalo landmark. Learn more at TrainResource.com Historical Notes.

  • True Limited Edition.
  • Project date: 12-2006.
    • Second in the Buffalo Creek Heritage Series.
    • Only 41 cars produced for road number 1206.
    • Only 34 cars produced for road numbers 1201 and 1204.
    • All 3 sold out 8-17-2007 - no longer available.
    • Accurately modeled in 1:48 O Scale by Weaver / Quality Craft.
    • Made from original Crown molds.
    • Decorator: Hayter-Weaver Inc.
    • Art Director: Thomas G. J. Gascoigne.
    • Graphic Designer: John Thomas Slater.
  •  Advertisement graphics: 
    • Carbodies painted medium ("concrete") gray with black ends.
    • Black and red lettering.
    • Our slogan, 'Tis The Season in red script, has a double meaning:
      • 1 - 'Tis the time for Season's Greetings,
      • and 2 - Winter 'tis the Season for H-O Steamed Oats, especially in Buffalo!
    • Hecker's other slogan on our cars were Always in Season and Always Just Right
    • Hecker's branding was DELICIOUS H-O STEAMED OATS because the cereal was served hot.

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Large block lettering matches style on grain elevator silos.

Close-up of left side showing fine detail and how company advertising slogans were done.

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